Traci Morby

As we move into quarter two of the year I have some BIG announcements coming for you guys!


First and foremost, we will no longer be using StyleSeat for our scheduling app at The Studio. While it has served me well for years, it is not designed for teams. Now that we have a team we need something that caters to that.

We will now be using Vagaro. While we are still learning exactly how to use Vagaro to its full potential, we really love what we’ve seen so far. If you receive an unfamiliar email to confirm your appointment please now that it is still from us!

Secondly, Wendy is now taking clients on Mondays!!! She has knocked it out of the ball park with all of her training so far this year and we couldn’t be happier to watch her grow her business. You can now book your appointments with her HERE.

Lastly, over the past few months my schedule has been more hectic then I would like to admit. For a while now I have felt out of control and overwhelmed. With that I have decided to turn off my online scheduling. This move will allow me to take back control of my schedule and make sure that I have the most productive days possible. If you need a color appointment please message me. If you need NBR and haven’t been into the salon below please CLICK HERE.

We are still working on some big moves for the rest of the year and can’t wait to take you all along the journey with us. Be on the look out for more announcements coming soon!

With Love,
Traci Morby

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: My favorite organic shampoo

Traci Morby

As a mom of three and an entrepreneur trying to run a business I grab for the dry shampoo so I can get on with my day. As I’ve become more and more aware of ingredients I have continued to look for an organic dry shampoo that actually works. I finally found one that I am obsessed with and it turns out its not dry at all.


Refresh by Innersense has a groundbreaking foam to powder formula. It comes out like a mousse and then dries to powder. Pump a bit into your hand and massage through your roots. Allow it to air dry or hit it with the blow dryer for a few seconds. I love how much volume I get with it when I use the blow dryer.

Its formulated with tapioca starch and witch hazel to absorb oils and extend the life of your style. Click here for the full ingredient list.

With Love,

Traci Morby


Traci Morby

We have been busy in the salon and have had some amazing transformations lately. Take a look!

If you’re ready for your NBR Transformation I’d love to chat. Please fill out the application and I’ll be in touch.


Do you have thin hair? Hair that won’t grow past your collar bone? Lets fill it in. I’d love to chat with you about giving you the hair you have always wanted.

With love,

Traci Morby

2019 - The year of growth

Traci Morby

If you’ve been around long at all you are probably tired of hearing me talk about how amazing 2019 is going to be. I just can’t help it. I feel like I’m busting at the seams. My excitement stems from finally investing in myself and my education.

In 2013 I sat at home while I was on maternity leave and learned to do Natural Beaded Rows from an online program I had purchased. I instantly knew this would be a game changer for my business and my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I finally saw that I could help people have the hair they always wished for. I immediately began practicing and making my friends let me practice.

Something was missing. Even though my extension clientele was growing, I knew that my skills were not up to par with the images that others were posting on social media. I continued to work on my skills but just kept falling short. I will fully admit that I’m a perfectionist and I am hard on myself.

Finally in November of 2018 I decided to make the trip to Laguna Beach for BMSCon3. A conference with 350 hairstylists that wanted to be certified in NBR as well as learn more about the business side of things. Let me tell you, this conference lit a fire under me. Not only was I finally able to have someone critique my work in person, but I also learned a million details to make NBR last longer, feel more comfortable for the clients, and also blend like no other extension method out there.

Even though all of that is amazing; the biggest thing I came home with was the sense of community and backing. These people are changing the hair industry for the better and I cannot wait to implement all of the changes into my business. I’m taking things one step at a time which is definitely not easy for me. My biggest change and insight that I immediately implemented was that I am in control of my career. I do not have to take every service that is requested. While I love my job there are definitely ways for me to work smarter and not harder.

Stay tuned because I cannot wait to share with you where my business is headed in 2019!

With Love,

Traci Morby